Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Traditions and Black Friday Sale

I love family traditions. Something about doing something the same way every year calms and excites me at the same time.
Here in Israel we are in the midst of celebrating Chanukah, a holiday that commemorates the miracle of light. Every night we light another candle in the Menorah, for eight nights.
But for our family, the preparations start the night before. We light the menorah on a side table near the window so people outside can see, so we need to move around a lot of furniture to make that happen. The big empty space by the wall where the side table usually stands can only mean one thing - It's Chanukah.


Another unofficial part of the ceremony is preparing the Menorah and setting out all of the candles.
When I was little we would all get a box with colorful candles and make a different pattern each evening. One night it would be only yellow and red candles, the next night orange and green - and the last night we'd all use blue and white. This would result in a lot of arguing when one child discovered missing candles in the color he or she wanted.
This year we lit the candles in my Candlestick Stack design in black and white. I set out white candles and gave them a little extra twist.


Some Wash Tape in silver did the trick -  a bit of subtle glam never hurts:)
My children's favorite tradition is definitely the gifts. In my family we would each get one big gift kind of like a Birthday gift. In my husbands family they give something small each night. Naturally, my kids chose my husbands tradition as their own. So before the holiday begins, I always find myself at the toy store searching high and low for little surprises. After we light the candles they each get there gift, it's amazing how something so small and simple makes them so happy.


This year the parents from our town bought all of the teachers gifts from my shop, so I added a little gift card as well. Since I was taking photos for this post about the same time as they bought the gifts, the teachers all recieved cards to match our candles:)


Now we are officially ready for Chanukah! 
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And if you have any friends you think could enjoy the sale, be sure to let them know as well!
One last photo, I've been longing for the Ikea Stockholm Rug for forever and finally bought one this week, isn't it lovely?

Have a lovely weekend,

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