Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paint the Wall Black - the do's and dont's

Let's break some taboos, shall we?

Tip No 1: Pick a well lit room, black walls need balance. photo from here

Wall colors.
Now when it comes to choosing colors for your wall, I feel like there are two main roads people take. White, and cream. Every once in a while some magazine will come out with hot trends for wall paint, and people will oooooooh and aaaaaah, and think about painting one wall in a different color. Then they go to the paint store and buy not cream, not white but - wait for it - Beige!
Adventures, right?

Tip No 2: Use natural textures (like wood) to create a softer feel via here

Hey I'm not judging! I'm a black and white type myself. And not b/c I don't like colors! But rather b/c I love them. A black-white-grey setup is perfect for color lovers, b/c it gives a wonderful backdrop for changing up accessories with different colors without having to start over each time. 
My entire house was painted white - other then my children's room which is painted in a grey-green color (I'll post them in a different blog post).
What changed all that? A story in the old version of Domino about J Crews creative director Jenna Lyons. (Interestingly enough, Jordan Ferney's bed room in the first photo was also inspired by this same story:) As I read it everything I once thought about wall color choices changed.

Tip No 3: Use lot's of white to light up the space even more, it's all about balance!  Found via here

 The next day I was at the paint store. Not yet ready to buy black paint, I bought a dark shade of purple. The women at the counter asked me if I was a photographer in need of a black room:)
We painted our bedroom purple, and I can tell you the women from the store was wrong. With the white bedding and our big window - the room is very bright and airy.
And if we are breaking myths, how about painting a children's room black?

Tip No 4: use bright colors like orange and yellow that will really pop against the black wall

I'm not quite sold on a black wall in a child's room, but you'll have to agree with me that this nursery is simply beautiful. It is also taken from Jenna Lyon's home. In the story they did she said she and her husband tried to imagine there son in his first year, lying on his back in the crib. That is what inspired them to pains stripes on the ceiling - what a lovely idea.

All of the tips in one image: well lit, lot's of white, natural wood texture, pop of color (the blue cup) via here

We are building our new home as I write this post, and I know a black wall will definitely be there.
How about you? Would you consider painting a wall black? Let me know in the comments:))
Until next time,

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