Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winter DIY - How to Make a Winter Bouquet

My kids are growing up differently then I did.


My childhood took place in two different continents. We went back and forth between Israel and the USA until I was twelve. We never spent more then two years in one place - moving around many neighborhoods and schools.  The years  in America were spent in a classic suburban setting - a front and back yard, plenty of open spaces but very little independence, mainly due to my parents feeling it wasn't secure enough for us to walk around on our own. The years in Israel were spent in Jerusalem, a busy city full of people, traffic, cafes and the regular hustle and bustle of a busy city. We were free to take the bus and walk around the city as we pleased.


Sometimes I look at my kids and I realize they haven't been out of our community in a month (!) No stores, no traffic - just the quiet Israeli countryside. I find myself feeling bad for them, even though I'm pretty sure they could care less. They seem perfectly content.
This week we went out for a walk in the woods surrounding our house. I took pictures while my kids ran around, climbing, shouting, having fun.


We gathered branches we found lying about to make a winter bouquet. When we came home I made a couple of different bouquets. Fist, I took some Holiday Ornaments from my shop and hung them on the branches set in a vase. This would look equally pretty on a branch hanging from the ceiling.

You can purchase the ornament here

For a more colorful bouquet (but still super simple to put together) you can stick Washi Tape on the branches (I chose neon pink and a minty green color for the tape).

Washi Tape makes everything better
A little while ago it occurred to me the longest I've ever lived in the same house has been the Caravan we're living in now while we're waiting for our house to be built - eight long years - and that kind of freaked me out. I don't like to settle down - I love moving around and discovering new places. But this week with my kids in the forest, I felt content being exactly where I am, no matter where we'll be tomorrow.

Have a lovely winter,

P.S. The ornaments are for a limited time - until January or when they run out - whichever comes first, if you like them you'd better hurry:)


  1. Elisheva, what beautiful moments with your kids. Now you've turned me on to washi tape and I may never be the same! We are surrounded by woods here and winter bouquet sound like just the thing to make with my own kids.

    1. Perfect! The come in lots of colors and prints - I am seriously in love with Washi:)

  2. Oh I love the idea of a Winter Bouquet! Simple + charming. I've seen washi tape but didn't know what it was for + I see you use it in some of your other projects for various things, so I may just purchase some thanks!

    On another note, I say your children have a privileged life as I grew up in a similar scenery (such precious memories). I believe that lifestyle breeds creativity + resourcefulness which will benefit them as they grow.

    Love what you're doing here x

    1. Thanks Theressa - I will definitely start thinking about it that way:)

  3. That is a beautiful, simple bouquet that even a not-so-crafty momma like me can manage. I'm new to your blog but loving it already. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Angela:) It really is simple, and it doesn't wilt - which is perfect for someone like me...


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