Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Year in One Post

I have so much to do and I feel so tired and overwhelmed, I just want to sleep.
Or go to Ikea.
But this is a special time of year In Israel. Here we celebrate the New Year in September, what we refer to as Rosh Hashan. September always feels like the end of something, and the beginning of something new.
So I thought if I have sum up this last year it'll make it much easier to leave the past in the past and energize for this new year we are welcoming.
This past year has been very meaningful for me and my business. So much has happened, let's take a look, shall we?
For starters, my former partner had to leave the studio when she moved up north, this is the last post we wrote together.

A wonderful DIY by Tamar for apple flowers

My designs were featured in many places! Blogs that I love, amazing web sites, and a lot of thought happened after I took part in ICFF in New York, more about that here


Lots of new designs in my collection, I wrote a little bit about the design process here.

foldable felt bin, from my webshop

I made a lot of new friends through this blog, and these virtual friendships became real ones. We cooperated on some projects, and we already have a couple of new ideas for the upcoming year.

meshek zuriel production 
A piece we did for Zuriel Dairy Company that was featured on the no 1 Israeli news site

One of the biggest things that happened to me is this blog. What started out as a side project for my Homeware studio, became really central in my growth as a designer. I've never had this many ideas in my head, and I'm so happy I get to share that with my lovely readers, weather here in the comments, Facbook, or email. 
Working from home in my teeny Caravan, far away from the city, well, it hasn't been that amazing for my social life. I'm so happy we get to meet up every week and chat:)
These were the three most popular posts of the year: Big Bubble DIY, Fastest Clean Up in the World, and Clay Gift Tags.


So, what's in the work for next year? Some new designs I'm working on, getting the word out about this blog, and all kinds of little dreams I have that I'm not ready to spill the beans on yet - I don't want to jinx anything:)
So I'm taking some time off now for the High Holidays, and I will be back real soon!
As we say here - Shana Tova Umetuka - have a happy sweet new year!

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