Thursday, October 17, 2013

Balancing Act

I'm finally back after a couple of weeks vacation, I hope you all are doing well:)
I told you all in previous post about the Jewish New Year we celebrated a short while back. I actually made some resolutions for the new year:
1. Go to sleep three times a week before midnight
2. Start working out (I wish I could say get back to working out, but that would be a lie:)
3. Eat three meals a day
Yes, this year it's all about balance.

I wonder how long it took to style this photo? From the Crate and Barrel website
Balance is a tricky thing.
It's not about letting go of clutter, but rather about spreading it out wisely. Knowing how much white space to leave, how much to push elements close together, the proportions, the relationships between the two, if you can get it just right, you experience a truly balanced moment, quiet and simple.

I would buy everything here. Photo by Lisa Cohen for Country Road Homewares via The Design Files

Take interior decorating, for example. When I go into a room that has the a light and airy feeling,  where everything is in it's place, and there isn't that cluttered feeling - I feel a sense of calmness that helps me think straight. That's why I don't own to much stuff. Everything I own is chosen carefully, and what I don't use I get rid of. 

Lovely styling, from Jenni Juurinen. The key is balance.

And just like in these lovely photos, balance normally does not come naturally. It is something that is achieved with planning, trial and error, and a lot of heart. You don't always know how to get to that special point, but once you're there - you'll know it.

You may want to learn how to make yogurt from Kinfolk , I just loved the styling

So yes, I will probably continue to be the compulsive planner that i am, but this time I'm reminding myself to plan a bit of peace and quiet into the regular crazy mix.
And to finnish off this post, I'll leave you with one of my favourite photos from the Photoshoot I had with Efrat Lozanov. This photograph has that special peaceful quality, but with a bit of sparkle.

Foldable Felt Bin purchase here

So how do you reach that kind of balance? In the next couple of weeks I'll be showing you some cool tips and tricks  - will you join me?
Have a wonderful week,

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