Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY Clay Gift Tags

Hello Everyone,
In Israel we are nearing the High Holidays which means gifts and more gits. I have been very busy at the studio, sending packages to happy givvers. When I give gifts, I like to add a little extra something to make them feel more personal. So today I wanted to share a DIY for clay gift tags which add that personal touch and make your gift really stand out.  You don't have to be a talented crafter with time on her hands - this one is simple and fast and looks chic and modern.

What's cool about these tags is that they're ver versatile. You can make them into key chains, or tie them around silverware or napkins at every place setting that your guests can take home. I'm sure you'll have plenty of new ideas once you try.

So here is what you need:
- Polymere Clay in white
- Some sort of rolling pin
- A cup to make circles or a dull knif for any freestyle cutting you'll be doing - I used a butter knife. Don't tell my guests:)
- Rubber Stamps - I used letters but you can use shapes as well.

Roll out the clay and make your shapes. Make a small hole for the ribbon. As for the shapes, I made some circles with the cup, then a couple of oval tags - and some fish.
Why fish?
1. Because fish are pretty and easy to cut with a butterknife and
2. Fish are a big symbol for the Jewsih New Year - Rosh Hashana, specifally the fish head. It was once customary to searve a fish head at the dinner table (disgusting, right?) and to bless each other with the saying "may you be a head and not a tail". What it means is that you should be a leader. So we don't searve fish head anymore, but we still wish each other to be heads, not tails:)

Now is the fun part. Stamp away, preassuring the stamp as much as you'd like.

Bake the tags according to the instructions on the clay, and Voila!
You now have Clay Gift Tags for all of your gift givving needs.
You can personlize these with names, or messages like I did. I also added some gold leaf to one of the fih, but they look great in white, too.

And if you like the wrapping papers I used, you'll be happy to hear I'm giving them away in the next post a a printable to download along with other fun prints.
So, untill nex time -  I wish you all to always be heads, never tails.

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