Thursday, August 1, 2013


So this week I did something completely out of my comfort zone.
This might not sound so daring, but it was for me.
I added a picture of myself to the studios Facebook page.

Packing Graphic Coaster Sets in my living room

And no it wasn't a picture of me in an artistic pose, hiding my face behind one of my butterboards. But a real live front faced picture, you can now officially recognize me on the street.
Up until recently, I felt fine hiding behind my logo. Lately, and I think this has to do with the blog, I felt like a more personal approach could work for me. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt being myself on the blog, so this was the next natural step.

A lot of my designs are handmade, including the Foldable Storage Bins

The truth is, my business IS personal. Not only because I design everything myself, but also because I produce many items on my own. Almost every design is partially handmade, whether it's the packaging, cutting, or assembly. This used to be b/c I had no choice, but now I kind of enjoy it.

My studios first design, I still love it

The most exciting part of my job is when I send out orders. It doesn't matter how many orders I've shipped, I'm still always so surprised someone ordered something. And knowing that the item I've designed and made is on it's way to someones home far away, well that just makes me so happy and honored. 

A typical pose, this is how I spend most of my day

Now that I'm out in the open, I'd love to show you more of what goes on from my side of the screen. You can now follow me on Instagram, and until I add a button you can find me at hooknloopdesign.
Join me next week, Holiday season is coming here in Israel, and there will be quite a few treats.
Until then,

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