Thursday, August 8, 2013

Geometric Necklace DIY

This blog is mostly about entertaining.
But sometimes, I like to do something a bit different. In Israel we are nearing the High Holidays. Basically, the entire month of September is filled with Holidays - which for me means a lot family, great food - and fancy clothes. So for the entire month of August I will be posting once a week on ideas for Rosh Hashana , the Jewish New Year - but obviously even if you don't celebrate, you can use the ideas I will share for any Holiday or fancy dinner.


One of my favorite Holiday traditions have to do with Jewelery. My mother always gives all of the girls (three sisters and one sister in law) a pretty necklace as a gift. Then my Dad and all of us siblings give my mother a gift. You guessed it - a Necklace. Sometimes someone gets creative and gives a bracelet. I think my best pieces are from these pre-holiday gifts. I've already written about my Mothers amazing taste, and this is no exception.
So today in honor of that tradition, I'm sharing a fun DIY for a cool geometric statement necklace. If Hook n' Loop design had a Jewelery line this is what it would look like for sure - clean and modern with a little twist.


To make the necklace in the photo, this is what you'll need:
1. Leather (I used feux) in two colors - black and the trendy gold.
2. Pencil/Pen
3. Scissors/X-acto knife
4. Fabric Glue
5. Ruler
6. Plyers
7. Gold necklace chain and clasps


Here's what you do, from the top left corner clockwise.
1. Measure and cut strips from the leather. The width should be the same on both colors, the black ones should be a bit longer then the gold in order for the black strips to show.
2. Cut the strips into triangular shape at the tip, again making sure the black strips are longer then the gold.
3. Put glue on a bit less then half of the black strip, fold in half and press until it sticks. Make sure there is a loop with no glue at the center - this is where the gold chain will go through.
4. Put glue on the entire gold strip, fold over the black strip and press.
That's it, you now have on piece of the necklace.


String the chain through the leather piece. You can now make some more, or if one is enough for you, attach the clasps to the chain and Voila!
Now have fun with it! You can make different shapes and sizes, like the triangle piece below.


I can imagine this idea in different color schemes, like a dark grey base with a touch of fuchsia, or even the same color with different textures. And even though it was hard finding the time to sit down and craft between Lego games and going to the park (this summer vacation is tiring!, I had so much fun making it, and I hope you will too.
Until next week,

P.S. During next week I will have special Holiday sales on my entire collection, be sure to keep updated on the blog or on Facebook.

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