Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Prints!

Lately I've been moving stuff around. Again. I get tired pretty easily with the way our Caravan looks, and I'm always looking for ways to change it up. My husband asked me a couple of years ago when I'll be finished decorating our house. I thought that was the funniest thing ever.
The good thing about constantly redecorating, is that it gives me loads of new ideas for the studio. Every time I feel like I'm missing something around the house, I start thinking about how I'll design it myself.


The way I look at design is fairly simple.  I always keep the backbones neutral, then play it a bit less safe on the accessories. This works for every form of design - interior, product design, fashion design - even for setting-the-table design.
For example, the pieces I know I won't be changing very often - the sofa, a rug, shelving - are all in neutral tones i.e. gray, white, and more gray. Then with the pillows, storage units, pictures, that's where I'll get creative. What's amazing is that these accessories are what gives the room it's personality. (Silver sequin pillow, anyone?)


The same thing goes for table settings. My dish set is white, and so are most of my serving pieces. But I will have some serving pieces in less conservative colors, and mix it up with a printed tablecloth, or some cute trivets. You'd be amazed how changing up the accents help shift the entire mood.
But if you think about it, it's sort of like wearing jeans and a white T. With shoes, jewelery, and hairstyle -  you can play it up or down - the accessories set the tone for the entire look.

 So I found myself looking to spruce up our walls a little, and seeing as we might not be living here that much longer, painting seemed overdoing it. I decided to change some of the artwork. I knew I'd be using some of my own sketches, a print by my amazingly talented friend Keren Asaf,  and a couple of prints I was planning on designing on my own. Of course that turned into a mini collection of prints, now available on my Etsy shop, and soon up on my site.


What can you expect to find there? Geometric patterns with a 3D effect, crisp ornament-like patterns,  and a little bit of love, all in the subtle and clean style I use with all of my designs. Color wise, I kept it in shades of black/gray/white, and some pops of fuchsia, teal, and blue, with the occasional pastel shade - simple and modern.  I love the way they are lively and calm at the same time.
Right now they come in A4 size (that's 8.375" x 11.750"), but soon they'll be up in US standard letter paper size as well, and larger prints or postcards will be available, too. The paper is slightly textured, that adds some depth.
You can check out the entire collection here.
Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!
Until next week,


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