Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big Bubble DIY

If you've found yourself looking up one of these phrases on Google:
1. Activities for summer vacation
2. Stuff to do with kids during summer vacation
3. Cool things to do with kids that are fun and not too messy and photograph well

You've come to the right place.


My childhood memories are filled with bubbles. Growing up in the US, the bubble bottles were kind of chubby, and had a really sweet smell, while in Israel, till this day, the bottles are really thin and the smell is soft. We'd run out of bubble juice so fast, and then my mother would fill them with dish soap solution, but it just wasn't the same.
Maybe it's the nostalgia, or maybe it's the fact that bubbles are THE BEST at any age, during the summer I'd say we go bubbling about once a week.
I fill a huge bowl with home made bubble solution, and off we go to the park.
As for the wands, here is a simple DIY you could do with just about any cotton weave strap (it would probably work with synthetic as well) or rope you may have. I use leftovers from the strap we use for our constantly breaking blinds. I attached two plastic hoops to the rope and knotted them in place - place them fairly close together so a child (or adult, no judgement) can easily hold on in each hand, then close of the rope. If you don't have hoops, no worries! Just make a loop with the strap and tie it in place.


My oldest tied the rope to a stick, and my youngest followed his lead.


The cool thing about these bubbles (other then the fact that they're huge) is that they are great for and little kids and big ones (and there mothers, of course). It takes some practice getting it right, which is great for the older ones, but sometimes the wind makes bubbles on it's own, which is great for the little ones.


How does it work? Hold a loop in each hand and bring them close together. Dip the entire thing into the bowl, making sure it all gets covered. Slowly bring your hands out and separate them  - the strap will have a "wall" of soap on it. 

You can then blow a bubble with your mouth, stand across the breeze, or swirl around creating your own breeze.

 Wanna try this at home? Here is the recipe we use:


Just add 1 cup of dish soap to 12 cups of water, add 2 tbsp. baking powder (not soda) and 1 cup cornstarch. They say it help to let it rest, but I can never wait that long.


If you have a different recipe, or any other bubble related ideas, fell free to post on the comment section.
See you next week,


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