Sunday, June 2, 2013

A new design

As some of you may know, In my studio I design products, mostly Tabletop, mostly for entertaining. I thought it may be interesting for you if I show you some of the process that goes into designing Homeware. At the end of the post I will also share a new design, so stay with me! Designing a new product often begins with the searching for inspiration. Some of finding inspiration goes with a more generic name - market research. The new design I want to share with you is for Candlesticks.

Left Image : brooks barrow ; Right Image:

Left Image:from here  ; Right Image: from here
image from here:

What I took from all of these (and many more images) were how low all of the candle holders were. When I have people over the last thing I want is for them to have to look around the centerpieces to talk to each other:)
On the other hand, sometimes you do want a more dramatic setting. Or maybe you want to put them on a mantle - in which case height could actually be a good thing:)
Thus, the Candlestick Stack was born:

I wanted it to be versatile and fit all kinds of different occasions, and esthetically modern yet classic - something that is very important to me. The more time I put into the design, I felt it becoming my favorite for this collection (sorry, rest of my designs:) The model in the picture is actually 3d printing done in plaster (I hope to tell you about this amazing process in another post - it is the COOLEST) It will be done (fingers crossed) in ceramics, in different colors.

What's cool and different about these Candlesticks is the fact that they are stackable. So you could use them together built up high, or break them down  - depending on the situation, each time forming a different design.
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