Sunday, June 2, 2013

8 Crazy Nights

The Holiday season is over, but I still have some sweet memories... Those of you who are following my Facebook Page  may have seen how every day of Chanukah (8 days in total) I showed an easy DIY to make any simple mug into a clever and pretty one. The project started out with 8 simple (OK, boring) mugs, and finished up with8 beautiful inspiring projects that would make the Queen Mother (Martha, I mean you!) proud.
Mugs were an easy choice - I love my coffee! And you can never really have anough mugs around the house. And with winter in full swing, cuddling up with your favorite book, (or TV show - no judgment from me!) some cookies (mmm....) and a hot drink sounds like the perfect evening.
So this post is a small party, to let anyone who missed out on all of the Facebook fun to see all of the different projects (which you can do with all sorts of different items - not just mugs)

* Mug no. 1 - Mug Sweater

I felt so bad for the poor little mug, all alone in the dark cupboard, and knit him a small sweater (the internet is crawling with tutorials). Now it has a small cozy, feel free to match your toppings to the cozies color. Because that wouldn't be weird at all:)

* Mug no 2. - A chocolate Heart

To make this pretty Hot Cocoa, melt some white chocolate in your mug (microwave is fine, just make sure you mix it every couple of seconds). Once the chocolate melts, smooth it out with a spoon. Take a heart shaped piece of chocolate and press it into the white chocolate mush. Add warm milk - and Voila!

*Mug no. 3 - Freckles

The idea behind this mugs makeover is fairly simple - polka dots truly are the best.
You can freestyle this one, or make a small stencil, just be sure to use Ceramic Markers (you can get some at most craft stores)

*Mug no. 4 - Vines

This idea is great if you have mismatched dishware in the same color. Using similar graphics give it a "collection" feel. We used a nature inspired theme:

*Mug no. 5 - Chalkboard
It's back to school mug time (wouldn't this make the cutest gift for teachers?)!  For this project you can use Chalkboard Paint, or you can make it (it's easy, I promise!) Mix 1 cup acrylic paint with 1 tbsp grout (the stuff you use in between tiles). This works, really! Paint some on your surface , and chalk away. This idea comes with a warning - you shouldn't drink chalk.


*Mug no. 6  - Saturday Flowers 
I love flowers on the weekends, it makes the house look so put together. I treated this mug as a planter, and judging by the likes you gave it on Facebook - this one was your favorite. Simply put the soil in the mug, and add your plant. Because there are no drainage holes on the bottom, make sure you don't overwater it. This would make a really cute centerpiece (think 5 or 6 of these across a table).


*Mug no 7 - Color Stain
While stains on your favorite shirts can be the worst, a color stained mug looks pretty amazing. Simply dip the mug into a paint filled bowl, and hang on a hook to dry.


*Mug no 8 - A Sweet Gift
Parting is such a sweet sorrow, so to make it even sweeter - I took some cookies and put them into a small bag that we tied with a wide bow (trust me, wide ribbons look nicer on a small gift) and put it into the mug.
Now the difficult part - who do you want to treat?

Who doesn't love a good before and after?

Thanks to all of you flowing on Facebook! This project was so much fun to share:)
Stay tune for next week....


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