Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Truth About Inspiration - and why you don't have to pack and move to Holland

I had so much planned for this week - and then we had a crazy storm. Everyone kept telling me to cuddle up with a hot cup of Cocoa and lay low in my house for a while. But looking around my house all I could think of was how much I wanted to change. I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration - and was blown away by the amount of crazy beautiful images I found.

From the right clockwise: 1. image from here 2. image from here  3. image from here 4. image from here

Drowning in a sea of inspiration, I felt lost.... So many amazing interiors, so many styling ideas, so many Scandinavian women with impeccable taste (is it in their water or something?!) So what can one do to make sure all of this inspiration doesn't get lost on ones Pinterest account? That you're acutually inspired to DO something, not just pretend to? 
In this post, I will share what I do with all of my "inspiration" to make sure I actually use it. This is my guide to finish a night of blog loving feeling - "Let's do this!" and not, let's just move to Holland.... They seem to know their sh*t.

image from here
So here's how this goes. You found an image you love. After you've finished swooning, you have to ask - why does this work?
For example, the image above - why does it work?
Even though the colors are contrasting, there is a soft and comforting feeling. And although there aren't a lot of colors being used, there is a feeling of depth.
Conclusion: Using a lot of textures helps to create depth. And grey is such a beautiful color.

 image from here

What works in this picture (above)?
The use of neon in the details, on a warm and neutral backdrop is anything but overbearing.  And this is what we would translate into a living room design, for example. Think - a subtle grey colored sofa, wooden chairs, grey and pastel colored pillows, and maybe some neon piping on a couple of the pillows. 
Conclusion: If you're looking to infuse some neon tones into your decor (and you know you are) use a hint of them in the details, together with neutral tones. And here's another image from my new favorite blog:
image from here

To sum it all up, here are three "rules" to makeover a room using these photos as inspiration:
1. Pick a neutral color - grey/brown - for the room you're decorating - ie for the walls, sofa, rug etc. Make sure to use plenty of textures - smooth, soft, rough, matte, shiny....
2. Add some pastels for accent pieces - a chair, lamp, frames and pillows
3. Use a dab of neon on some piping on the pillows, handles, prints, etc.
Now for the fun part! Use these rules when you go shopping, this way you won't get overwhelmed when you go to the stores.... (I know, I've been there)
Here is what I got for my new pillowcases (for the sofa).
And yes, those are silver sequins.

Now I just have to get to the sewing part.... 
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