Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nostalgia, Beutiful Views, and Recipes

Maybe it's that wintery smell, or the rain that won't stop - something is making me nostalgic. With the holidays coming soon, I'm especially nostalgic for Holiday customs. And you know when I say customs - I mean food:)
So this post will bring you a family recipe with a shot of the view from my house, along with a recipe by my amazing and talented friend Tamar who just moved up North, and the views from her house.
In my house, lighting Hanukkah candles is always done with a burnt aroma lingering in the background. The smell is not from the candles, but from the Potatoe Latkes my Mother makes.

I've tasted many a Latke - and I always feel so bad for those poor souls still eating plump fluffy wet Latkes. If there is one thing I learned from my mother, it's that you can never really burn a potato. My Mothers Latkes are juicy on the inside, and crispy on the outside. Our favorite part of her Latkes are  those little crispy fringes surrounding them. Poor other peoples fringless Latkes, they do not know what they're missing.
For this recipe, you'll need about 8 large peeled potatoes, a medium-small sized onion. Grade them finely together in your food processor, then comes the most important part. Take a clean bowl, pick up a handful of potato-onion mush and squeeze out all of the water over the food processor. Then transfer the waterless mush into the clean bowl. Repeat for all of the mixture, so you're left with a bowl full of the dry-ish potato-onion. This part is what makes the Latkes crispy on the outside.
Add two heaped tablespoons of flour, two eggs, some salt and pepper. Mix it all up - I admit I use my hands. And it's squishy.
Heat some oil (Olive or Canola is fine) in a frying pan. It should not completely cover the Latke, but rather reach halfway. Take small handful off the mixture, squeeze it again to get rid of liquids and make it flat. You can pull out a couple of potato strings, for the crispy fringe part. Put the Latke in the oil, flip when one side is brown, the take it out as soon as the other side is brown - and transfer to a plate. (I put some paper towels under the Latkes for the oil to drip out)
You can now enjoy them!


Until next time,


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