Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winter DIY Ideas for Your Entrance

In Israel, we don't really have Autumn, or Spring for that matter. Both of these seasons take about two weeks start to finish. Mostly it's summer, and a bit of winter. It has rained a bit lately,  giving me a little preview on what winter will look like. This preview was extremely wet, and muddy.
With two kids in and out of the house all of the time, I know I need a new system for keeping our entrance in tact. Not that there is much of an entrance, just the front door and a wall - but still.
So it's time for a  DIY roundup. And even though my husband gets so annoyed with my projects (I'll admit that normally happens when I don't quite finish them. Which is often.) this time I know it's different, b/c the ideas I've found are (mostly) super easy.

1. Wall Hooks
Aren't these wall hooks so cute? This is a project from the ever so talented girls over at Snug Studio. They're made from children's blocks! 
You can see the full tutorial over on the Snug Blog 

These hooks are really pretty as well, I'm not sure how they would hold up with coats hanging on them.

This idea from the lovely blog Bambula
2. Entrance Mat
You can buy a ton of different mats on the cheap at your local hardware store. But wouldn't you rather have a cloud shaped mat? Anyone could make this - it's a simple Ikea mat cut into a cloud shape. What are you waiting for?

Find the full tutorial over at Shinedotdesign

3. Shoe Storage
For me, this is the biggest problem. Turns out little kids have a lot of shoes. And boots. And slippers. And gross wet socks (don't you just hate wet socks?). I like what I found over at Not Martha. The way the shoes float over the floor, it look pretty cool, don't you think?

Find the full tutorial over at Not Martha 

To close up this wintery roundup, here's the cutest idea - a little tangerine snail.
I can just smell winter coming:)

SO CUTE! Tangerine snail 
The instructions are in Spanish, but it seems pretty straight forward. From here

Wish me luck with my DIY endeavors, and hopefully I'll have some nice "After" pictures to share soon.



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