Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY Wood Crate Tables

Last post I wrote about coffee table styling ,and now I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
I don't own a coffee table.
This wasn't always the case. We used to have a nice wood table one a friend made us for our wedding. It had a large shelf underneath - a must for a magazine junky like myself - and the tabletop was perfect for our humble entertaining needs.
But then we moved into our teeny tiny Caravan (where we've been living for the past 7 years, waiting for our house to be built) Our living rooms is long and narrow, and the coffee table wasn't helping our somewhat awkward floor plan.

So temporarily, until we move into our new home (they started working on the foundation about two weeks ago, yikes!) we have no intent on buying a coffee table.
How do we have guests over in the living room? I bought two small side tables and put them on either ends of the sofa, and when people come I move them into the middle of the room. I'm always looking for more ideas and sizes for side tables - the kind that can wait silently by the sofa until it's there turn to take center stage.

Geometric Coasters from my Shop

And then the nice ladies at LittleLivingShop contacted me, and asked me if I was willing to create a DIY tutorial with their set of three wood nesting crates. 

Candlestick Stack from my Shop

I said yes, of course.
They sent me the three crates, nesting, with no instructions.
I turned them over again and again, waiting for inspiration to strike. Meanwhile, I decided I would paint a geometric pattern on top, without knowing what they would be. I cut masking tape in the pattern I was thinking of, but while I stuck it on the crates I fell in love with the shape the tape was making. I quickly decided to forget about the paint, and substituted masking tape with Washi Tape. And I am so happy with the result.

Using a ruler and a pencil, I lay out the corners of the design. I then stuck the wash tape on and with an exacto knife I cut off the edges.
Other then the fact this leaves no mess behind, you can change the Washi Tape pattern whenever you like. You can use different colours, patterns - whatever, and you don't have to be worried about not liking the end result. It's so easy and fast, you can always just redo it.

Trivets from my Shop

At this point it was clear I would be using the crates as tables. Because there are big gaps between the boards on the table, I had some plexiglass cut to size and lay it on top of the Washi Tape pattern. This also protects the tape from spills and little hand that like to peel stuff. Bonus - you can wash spills and fingerprints with a sponge in your sink.

You can use these tables as side tables by your sofa (or rocking chair:), you can even nest them to take up less floor space- and push them into the center of the room when you need them. The neon colours give a really nice contrast to the wood, and the geometric pattern is a bit of an unexpected surprise.
And I love surprises.
So are you coming for coffee?


  1. yes i am coming over. I love love your blog and shop. This is such a good idea. xx Alecia

  2. Thank! Your blog is beautiful too:)


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