Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What nobody tells you about inspiration - and a little gift

Sometimes people ask me - where do your ideas come from?
I don't have one answer to this question. A lot of things can spark an idea for a new product - a problem that needs solving, an interesting material I'd like to work with, the internet, of course - each time something different.
I can say that what most of my designs have in common is the large effort I put into each one. A lot of people think of the creative process like a light switching on, an Aha! moment, what many of us call "inspiration" - but for me that is not the case.
I sketch, erase, surf the web, sketch again, fall in love with my sketch, go to sleep and wake up hating my sketch, erase, and start over... In Hebrew we say "inspiration rested on me" - that always makes me laugh - if inspiration is resting why am I so tired...

Sometimes there is a breakthrough, but normally I feel in my heart what the design needs to be, and it takes a while for my hands to get there. If you follow my on Facebook, you see the pictures I sometimes share from the design process. The final result can be miles away from where I first started.
Sometimes I worry I will never get it done in time, that it will never be "just right". But with the hard work, things start falling into place, and my intention is met with the final result. That for me is the biggest satisfaction.

I have only recently started to blog in English, and although I am fluent (my father is American) this is completely our of my comfort zone. Going through my posts in Hebrew and translating them has been quite challenging, and I really appreciate you reading and I do not take it for granted.


So last week I told you I'd be giving you a gift - and I am keeping that promise. If you sign up to get updates - you will receive first notice about special sales, coupons, tips and trick for design as well as  a set of downloadable postcards with the graphics I designed for the Coasters and Butterboards at my shop. It took a long time to get them to be just right, and I am pleased with how they came out:)
You can hang them on the wall (like in this last post), send them to a friend, use as a card on a gift - anything really. Here's what you need to do - Sign up at the bottom of this post or to the right. once you finish the Sign Up process (you'll need to confirm the email you'll get after signing up), you will receive a link to download the Postcards. And if you have any trouble, write me at  - elisheva@hooknloopdesign.com. I will send them via mail.
I'd love to see how you use them! Send me a photo or upload them on the studios Facebook Page.
Thanks so much, dear readers - 


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