Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to make an wall art gallery - things to know before you pick up the hammer

I love design magazines. I can't bring myself to cut pictures out. I can't throw them away. I take care of them as if they were rare books, carefully bookmarking pages and photos for future reference.
Lately I've been wanting to expand my wall "art gallery", and have been marking a lot of great photos for inspiration.
Something about hanging a number of pictures on the wall seems so effortless, free and fluid. It looks easy, adds a special touch - and is interchangeable - all of the things I love about design.
These types of galleries rarely look planned, but often are. I'd like to share some tips with you that will help you achieve a casual unplanned look. So take a couple of minutes to read this guide - before you start hammering your wall.

Image from here

At first glance, this collage seems pretty random. But at second glance:

The pictures are aligned from the center upwards and downwards,  giving the eye a resting place from the cluttered effect. 

And how about choosing the actual art you'd like to hang? Can it be anything you please?

Image from here

Judging by this image you may think anything goes. But actually....

There is a pretty clear color scheme going on -  shades of pink with a dash of black - yes please!
And another example for how to hang a wall art gallery and still keep it subtle:
image from here

1. All of the pictures are aligned on the bottom
2. The frames are almost all white, with a couple in brown neutral tones
3. The artwork itself is in subtle neutral shades, with a touch of purple and blue. Lovely.

So how do you get started? Well, first you need to find the right Artwork. And for that, you have me:)
Next week I'll be giving a small gift to all of you, be sure to sign up to receive updates.
See you next week,

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