Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to clean your house fast - and really impress your guests

We all know the feeling. The house is a mess, laundry on the floor (you're not even sure if it's clean or dirty), toys on every chair, dished from breakfast still on the table. (Who am I kidding? Dinner dishes. Last night's dinner.) And all of the sudden - the phone rings.
Hey, we're really close - can we drop by? In 15 minuets?
How am I supposed to let people into this house?????
I wrote this post with that exact thought in mind - how to achieve the look of a clean and neat home - in record time. Obviously, this can not replace a real cleanup. But it will bring you to the point where you're not shamed in front of your friends - by focusing on a couple of key tasks and taking you out of that overwhelm.
Let's begin!

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1. Tip no. 1:
First things first - tackle your kitchen counters. Move all of the dishes and stuff that's cluttering your counters, and wipe them clean. A tidy kitchen is a great start to a house that feels clean. Why? Because clean shiny counters are the best. Try and wash the dishes (or fill your dishwater - lucky) This tip is especially important for those of you with an open layout with no wall dividing the kitchen from the living room.

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Tip no 2:
Clear all of the large surfaces - coffee tables, consoles, dining room tables - etc. Just take a large laundry basket and collect everything. Shove the basket into your bedroom - and don't forget to close the door. Remember - It's not about cleaning - it's about tidying.  After your guests leave, go through the basket and organize all of your stuff. (Or don't I won't judge:)
*Tidy Tip : An empty table serves as a breeding ground for clutter. To avoid this situation, try placing a large object, or even a couple, on the center of the table. The less room you have for bills/keys/glasses/etc. the more you'll be motivated to put them away immediately. Meaning paying the bills as you get them and not as they're cutting your electricity off. Need some ideas for large objects? Here are just a few - a nice lamp, a stack of books, a pretty vase, a large fruit bowl - anything that leaves less room for clutter.

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Tip no 3:
Take that basket from the last tip, or a different one, and go through the rooms in your house picking up anything that's been misplaced - toys, books, laundry - everything. Take that basket to your bedroom and - that's right - close the door.
Baskets, in general, are great to have around the house - but somehow they're always full (kind of like the empty surface calling out for clutter). That's why I designed foldable baskets. That way when they're empty you can stow them away.

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4. Tip no 4  - secrets from a Stylist
Take a couple of minutes to fluff your sofa pillows. This will "bring them back to life", take the wrinkles out, and make them look soft and inviting.

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5. Tip no 5:
It never hurts to sweep. 
Still have a couple of minutes? Set the table. You can even just stack the plates and silverware on the table. Put out a couple of candles. No one will believe you when you say the house was messy. Who has time to light candles when there is an entire house to clean?!
And that horrible mess in your bed room? That can be our little secret....
If you have any tips for a quick cleanup, please make sure to leave them in the comments. And if you liked this post,  sign up for updates at the end of this post, and invite some friends, too!
See you Soon!


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