Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Design Will Change the World

I'm an industrial Designer. This is my trade. I took me four years in Bezalel Academy (a big art school here in Israel) to get my diploma. A lot of you already know this. But what you don't know is how long it took me to accept this was what I do, and even love it, and that that's OK.
Every year at Design School, as the semester would come to an end, I'd apply to the University to study Psychology. Every year for four years.  I kept saying to myself (I talk to myself a lot) - Elisheva - how is it possible that all of your friends are studying such important subjects that actually help society ( Education, Medicine,  Social Work, Physiotherapy - I have a pretty cool group of friends) while you sit on your chair in the studio at school, at 2 am, playing around.

"folding chair" - 3rd year studio project, Bezalel

I went to school with some amazing people (a ray of light in what was otherwise some dark 4 years), and we'd often find ourselves upset, tired, stressed out, and running late. And all of this, for what? It's not like we were saving lives or anything. We're not changing the world. So why are we working this hard? Why are we taking school this seriously?
"Felt and String" Soft Materials, 3rd year project, Bezalel  

The great people who went to school with me shared a common trait - dedication. They were all so dedicated to doing there best - and they'd spend time, money, energy - anything really, for an amazing project. No one just slid through it. And trying so hard and putting so much effort into school while not really being sure if it's actually important or means anything - was the hardest part for me.
So how did I end up finishing school? What helped change my mind?
"Countertop", 2nd year studio project, Bezalel

My Mother.
My Mother is a women with exceptional taste. Growing up our house never looked like my friends houses. It was always so pleasant to be in, every object was personal and carefully chosen. Whatever she couldn't buy - she made. 
So on one of the occasions where I applied (yet again) to the Psychology department - I told her how horrible I felt when I compared myself to my friends. It's hard for me to deal with nonsense in such a serious matter, I told her. All of my friends are doing something far more important. 
And that's when my mother told me something that changed everything.
She said she wouldn't want to live in a world without beauty. 
Such a simple sentence that allowed me to finally embrace what I had been doing all this time. 
For me, beauty isn't just about aesthetics. It's when the objects around us allow and help us to live the life we always dreamed we'd have.
items from my current collection
In my eyes, a beautiful home is one that makes me smile as I walk in, that hints to me who lives in this house, and that get's me excited about what is yet to come. 
Do you know the feeling when you're invited to an event, and you really don't want to go? But then you find a perfect dress, and all of the sudden you're really excited and happy about going?
That's what I want to create as a designer. That anticipation for having people over at your house, the Beautiful surroundings that make us want to create memories in.
And the more I understand that's what I want to do, the better I am able to express myself clearly as a designer, and really understand my pont of view. Designing pretty items, modern and subtle, that hold a smile and a promise, that you can move and build and change.
Oh, and aren't Moms the best?
Thanks for letting me share that,


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