Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Who's Afraid of Floral Arrangements - how to make a simple bouquet

We all enjoy the basics - a simple black dress, morning coffee (and cookie), a beautiful day and white flowers on the table. 
White flowers are the best! They fit every occasion, look good with any color scheme, and add elegance to every tablescape. I especially love Eustomas, b/c they're pretty but not too expensive.
They're like the serious Roses younger cooler sister.
Turns out - lot's of people get scared when I talk about flower arrangement - it seem to them like it's a job for a pro. And although some bouquets are pretty hardcore, there are some flower arrangements that are so simple - anyone could make (Yes, even you:).
The main idea behind this floral arrangements is that the bouquets are kept really low, making them perfect for a table setting. This way - you can actually SEE the person sitting across from you, imagine that.
So here's a little presentation where you can see the basic steps to arranging a simple bouquet.
The Mission: arranging a couple of small bouquets for a simple table setting
What you'll need: Some flowers (we chose Eustomas) and small tea cups.

What to do: Separate all of the leaves from the stems, and cut the stem. This cut is purely for convenience sake, there will be a bigger more major cut later. Start gathering the flower stems one by one in one hand, Use your other hand to help arrange them at the same height (from the flower). You should start seeing s "dome" of flowers.
Once you have a nice bunch in your hand, bring it close to the cup you're using to figure out how much you'll need to cut so only the flowers show (no stems), and cut all of the excess off.  Put the intire bouquet in your cup, and fluff it a bit. Now make a couple more.... 
Set them all across the table, and keep them there the entire meal:)

So, do you think you'll be arranging flowers any time soon? I'd love to see photos! You can post them up on the studios Facebook Page. And if you liked this tutorial and would like to receive more like it delivered to you inbox, along with DIY ideas, home styling tips, and a little gift - be sure to sign up below this post or on your right.
See you soon!


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