Sunday, June 2, 2013

Drumroll Please - The New Collection is Here!

I have been waiting for so long to show you the new collection, and I finally can!
A little intro - this collection really represents my point ove view as a Product Designer, and my thoughts about design in general.
I love objects that you can interact with. Building, moving, taking a part. An abject you can't interact with is more like a statue, and I'm not a sculpture:) I want to design objects that change from house to house, that look different over time. And of course - for them to have that simple and chic effortless style.
So this was my inspiration board for Spring-Summer 2013 you may have seen on my Facebook Page. I think you can get a good sense of the vibe for this collection, don't you?

And you know Gisele had to be there.... 
So the design I want to share is the Candlestick Stacks. You may remember I showed you a little preview here, and this is the final result. You receive three individual candlesticks that can be stacked into different designs, or used separately. One side fits a candle, and the other is the perfect size for tea lights. They come in white, black, and bronze. 

 In Judaism, it is customary to light two candles every Friday evening, at sundown. This marks the beginning of the Sabbath - our day of rest. This is normally done by the women of the house. In my family, you light an additional candle for every child that is born. I received a pair of lovely pewter candlesticks when I got married. When we had our eldest, I found a cute little pewter candlestick in a second hand store. The problem was, when my daughter was born I couldn't find a matching candlestick. So for the past two years I have been lighting a simple candle for her, when everyone else has a fancy pewter one - needless to say I fell horrible. So i kept thinking - wouldn't it be cool if my candlesticks could have "children" of there own. Thus - the Candlestick Stack was born.

The next design is for foldable bins made from industrial felt. This material is normally used as carpeting - making it very durable. Using some simple slits and flaps, you can easily set up your own storage bin - in small or large.

The next design is a house shaped napkin ring! It has many brothers and sisters you will get to meet in the next collections, I promise. Somehow, it is super cute and modern at the same time - something which is very hard to achieve. As the design came along, it became pretty obvious that such a special napking ring needs extra special napkins - that's how I came to design the linen napkin set. The linen I chose is soft but has a bit of a rough texture - giving it depth. The color combinations keep it on trend, turning even the most simple table setting into  a head turner.

The coasters and butter boards were, for me, what tied the entire collection together. The geometric patterns along with the more organic shapes are what interests me esthetically. 
The butter-boards are extra big, and can be used as little trays for cookies and a cup of tea, or for cheese, and even as wall art.

And the last item, continuing with me from my previous collection - the Stretchy Bowl. For those of you who aren't familiar with the bowl - it is made of a collapsible metal base and stretchy fabric netting. So when you add fruit - the bowl expands (think - a fruit trampoline). The netting lets air in, keeping your fruit fresh longer. And the wonderful thing about this bowl is that although it can be big, it literally takes up no space when you're not using it - b/c it packs flat. It's been featured in Gizomodo, and Treehugger and continues to be a big success. This design is clever without trying to hard - just the way I like it.

Seeing all of my ideas come out of production as tangible products was a huge deal for me. And the photo shoot with Efrat Lazanov (you can read more about that here) was pretty cool too.
As for the new collection - all of the designs can be purchased at my shop. If you'd like to purchase anything from my previous collections, I keep some things on my Etsy shop
A new collection is a big milestone, and I always fear what people will say or think. So I'd like to thank all of you who are on my Facebook Page, for all of your likes and comments - I'm so happy I get to share all of this with you:)


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